From Finestra's Window

By Patricia Corbus


In the rain, alizarin spatters and runs down towers.

The breasts of the whore weep with regret & compassion,

& gates, all 28 of them, open and close,

clanking in the red tail lights.

                                    Sirrah, then my face was my own,

all makeup washed away, nothing tweezed.

My eyes were wide-open catalpa blossoms

drinking rain, my mouth a green traffic light,

& men in tuxedos carried me arm over arm

from the Trocadero to the Stork Club.

                                    I had never heard of Darcy, so lately dead,

hit by a flower-pot thrown by a monkey,

but I caught his desire for me red-handed.

–     Yet, in the long run, what could be better

than knowing one’s own worth –

though by the time I recognized her, Truth,

                                    pushing a shopping cart,

had hot-footed her sweet face and tattooed butt out of town.


Off The Grid Press is pleased to announce that the winner of our 2014 manuscript contest is Finistra's Window by Patricia Corbus.


In alphabetical order, the finalists for this year are:

  • Solla Carrock for Blue Plymouth
  • Kevin B. King for None
  • Lynne Knight for The History of Longing
  • Marcia S. Popp for when she died she took all her best stories with her.
  • Ron Salisbury for The Angel of Las Vegas
  • Esther K. Williston for Forgiving the Lemon Rind