Praise for Doggerland

Grace Cavalieri of Washington Independent Review of Books features a review of Dicko King's Doggerland in her list of July 2015 Exemplars.  Cavalieri writes "This is a genuine touch of Ireland from every side with the poet as historian, storyteller, and wit at its epicenter."

She closes with King's poem, "Natterjacks."

There would have been one or two snakes

— adder or Irish king drowned in the ankle deep Irish Sea

when we came over —

If no snakes, a memory of snakes.


No frogs, except one, and common.

One toad — the natterjack, without teeth.

One smooth newt, skittish.

One lizard, British.


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Finestra's Window by Patricia Corbus

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The winner of our 2016 manuscript contest is

Elegy for No One by Keith Althaus



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